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Wendy and Toby Froud at Purple Petals Studio

Wendy Froud has been a doll maker since the age of five. As soon as she could bend a pipe cleaner and tape bits of fabric together she began to make the kind of dolls she couldn't buy. Dolls of centaurs and satyrs, unicorns and faeries, all to populate the world she wanted to be a part of. She continues to do so to this day.

Wendy worked as sculptor and puppet builder for Jim Henson for many years, primarily on the films THE DARK CRYSTAL, LABYRINTH and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. She sculpted "Jen" and "Kira" for THE DARK CRYSTAL and "Yoda" for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Other work for Jim Henson included THE MUPPET SHOW and THE MUPPET MOVIE. In addition to her film work, Wendy has also made puppets for use in television commercials.

Wendy's dolls ands figures are highly sought after and are in many prestigious collections around the world. She now devotes most of her time to making dolls and figures for exhibition and sale throughout the US and England. Through her association with The Lynda Guber Organization, a production company based in Los Angeles, Wendy will be developing and producing a variety of new and innovative products, including publishing, feature films, television, and new media under the banner of THE WORLD OF FROUD.

Wendy lives in Devon, England with her husband Brian, their son Toby, Barney the dog, and Nutley the cat.

Wendy is returning to the USA late this spring and is offering her immensely popular 3-day sculpting workshops. Workshops are scheduled as follows: NYC area: April 2-4, 2010. If you are interested in attending, please email [email protected]

Wendy Froud Three Day Sculpting WorkshopThree days will allow us to come near completing a fantastical creature or faerie figure. Day One will include connecting to your faerie guide, building an armature and sculpting the head. Day Two will include constructing the body and sculpting the hands and feet. Day Three will include painting, the application of hair and fur and final costuming. Each day we will be working from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM with an hour off for lunch. The cost is $585.00 which includes polymer clay, armature wire and a selection of materials for hair, fur and costumes. Participants will need to bring basic tools and craft supplies.