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These Events have been halted by Covid but will be returning when it is safe .

Host a Wine Painting Party in your home;

Girl Scouts Painting Badge, Birthday Painting Parties, Fund Raising event

Host a Wine/Painting Party in your home or Fund Raising Event

- 5 to 8 people $25.00 each - 9 or more people $20.00 each (Children parties listed below)

-all paints/supplies included

-These are just some painting projects pics below, plenty more designs and surfaces,; will discuss other designs   

Canvases; tiles and wooden surfaces:

Wooden Board Characters:

Glass Painting:

Christmas Balls

Girl Scouts or Birthday Party Painting

-7 or more

-$15.00 per person

-all paints/supplies and canvas are included

-1 1/2 hour class

-painting projects will be discussed, depending on of children

these are some examples:

Colorful Owl on Canvas